Winterpast Development provides a full range of development services from project feasibility, project finance, project development, and move-in coordination. Our development approach is a proactive process in which iterative costing and value-engineering services are performed in order to achieve an optimal balance between the budget, lease rates, schedule and quality expectations.

Our Development services traditionally include:

· Project Feasibility Analysis

· Site Selection with Civil Engineering Reports

· Project Financing

· Development Planning

· Development Implementation

· Project Management

· Tenant Design and Planning

· Move-in Coordination

Project Capital

Winterpast Development provides project capital through a combination of internal capital, private equity, private investors, insurance companies and conventional banks. With the uncertainty in today’s financial markets, our ability to provide flexible funding and creative capital solutions allows us to respond to our clients’ needs regardless of a project’s size or scope.


We bring both debt and equity capital as well as construction financing. With multiple construction partners, we can provide a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and a construction schedule that will give our clients and lenders the assurance that the project will be built on schedule and within budget.


Winterpast Development can also provide capital to health systems and other clients by monetization of certain real estate assets through structured lease financings and credit tenant leases. Under these financing options, such lease structures offer complete control and use of the facility without any interference from the landlord and can allow for the building to revert back to the health system at the end of the lease. This net lease can provide an efficient source of capital and significant funds to help the health system achieve its strategic plan. Further, utilizing parking “concessions” related to parking areas and garages on health system property, Winterpast Development, in concert with our multiple investment banking partnerships, is able to assist in the monetization of various parking assets providing health systems and our other clients with another avenue for raising capital.

Advisory Services

Winterpast Development’s professional advisory team has the tools to help our clients, including our health system partners, distinguish between the perception and the reality of the demand for medical office space and ancillary facilities. Our services focus on the best use of valuable property, delivery of the most cost-effective facility and creating the most desirable tenant mix. Our professional team seeks to overcome challenges inherent in developing facilities as part of a larger strategic initiative for our clients.

Winterpast Development offers the following consulting services to assist health systems to develop a real estate strategy to achieve its goals and objectives:

• Demographics and Medical Services GAP Analysis

· Facilities Benchmark Cost Studies

· Project Feasibility and Development Cost Projections

· Site Evaluations with Civil Engineering Reports

· Ownership Syndication of Real Estate for Hospital/Physicians Joint Venture

· Overall Facility Assessment